Invisalign Questions: Why Are You Biting Your Cheeks More?

It usually won't take you long to get used to wearing Invisalign braces, but you may have some minor issues to deal with while this happens. For example, some people find that they bite their cheeks or even lips more than usual after they start wearing their trays.

Why does this happen and what can you do about it?

Why Invisalign Might Make You Bite Your Cheeks

If you have problems with cheek biting, they are more likely to happen when you take your trays out to eat. This isn't anything to do with your braces themselves but is more about how they affect your teeth. As your trays start to move your teeth into their new positions, your bite changes. You're used to your bite working in a certain way. So, you eat to match your bite patterns.

However, you won't automatically know when your bite changes. When it does, you may bite your cheeks more when you eat. This basically happens because your teeth have moved; they aren't in exactly the same positions you're used to.

Sometimes, you may also bite your cheeks or even your lips if you're wearing Invisalign attachments on some of your teeth. These attachments may push out your lips and soft tissues more than normal. So, you may bite down on these areas accidentally because you don't realise they've changed position.

How to Deal With Invisalign Cheek Biting

You will adapt to your new bite as time passes so your cheek biting should naturally stop once you work out how to use your teeth in their new positions. In the meantime, it's worth taking more care when you eat to try to avoid painful accidents.

So, for example, you can eat more slowly and carefully. This may reduce cheek-biting incidents especially those when you bite down hard on your cheek and break the skin. If you're having a lot of problems and your mouth is sore, then investing in an antiseptic oral gel may help. Teething gels will also numb sore areas and stop them from hurting as much as they heal.

If your mouth does get very sore and the cheek biting doesn't seem to stop, then talk to Invisalign braces services. They can give your teeth the once-over to check that everything is OK. They may also recommend an antiseptic mouthwash that may help until your cheek biting stops on its own.